About The Artist

As a small child I remember being fascinated by art and my mom would paint pastel pictures of animals in exchange for chores. I started drawing my own in school, and on one particular occasion entered an art contest at Christmas. I did a painting of the three wise men and I got disqualified because the teacher said I traced it. That obviously wasn't true, and she had to endure the wrath of my mother who watched me render the art.
I continued pastels through my life and started doing pet portraits for people. Some letters from commissions were very amazing, as often they would be of pets that had passed. This kept me interested. Later in life, I did my first Oil painting and I entered an art contest at Crossroad Art Center, the biggest Gallery in Richmond, and I was accepted and then my painting was the only one in the show that sold. I was hooked and was accepted as an artist there in residence. I sold 40+ paintings and then lost count in the first 3 years to walk-in customers. I continue to sell through local galleries here in Richmond, Virginia. and lately have sold large abstract canvases within days of offering them for sale. You can see some of my recent art for sale at RVA Antiques and Decor and at West End Antiques and Decor in Richmond, Virginia. Stay tuned for what's to come!!

Keith Gills Art ©

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